Serge Modular Triple Comparator


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The Paperface TRIPLE COMPARATOR consist of three independent functions which are useful in the production of square waves and variable pulse waves. The comparator reference level can be a time-varying control voltage, a complex audio signal, or a fixed preset voltage. Additionally, the comparators are useful for level detection and for logic decisions based on amplitude. 



Triple Comparator BOM



Connect a bipolar AC coupled triangle wave into the input located above the potentiometer. To achieve an AC coupled triangle waveform, cycle a near by ENVELOPE GENERATOR and turn both potentiometers to equal values to output a triangle waveform. Send that triangle waveform into the AC input of a GATE module. Now you have created an AC couple triangle waveform to help calibrate the TRIPLE COMPARATOR.

Set the potentiometer fully counterclockwise and adjust the trimmer for a 50% duty cycle. For best results, an oscilloscope is required. 


*Inspired by Serge Modular Music Systems*