Skyler King is an electronic musician and instrument designer whose deep love for electronic music has not only shaped his career but has also fueled his passion for creating and designing innovative instruments. Growing up in the vibrant and diverse music scene of the greater Los Angeles area, Skyler's journey into the world of electronic music began at an early age.

His unique musical journey can be traced back to his father, who recognized his son's innate talent and passion for music. As a musician himself, Skyler's father became his first mentor, introducing him to various genres and teaching him the foundations of music. It was during these formative years that his father introduced Skyler to the captivating world of synthesizers and drum machines, sparking a revolutionary shift in his perception of what music could truly be.

Skyler became enthralled by the endless possibilities that electronic instruments offered - the ability to shape and manipulate sound in ways that traditional instruments didn't permit. Fascinated by the fusion of technology and music, Skyler delved deeper into the world of electronic music creation, honing his skills and expanding his creative palette.

As Skyler honed his craft, his time spent in the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles provided him with unlimited inspiration and a fertile ground for artistic growth. The pulsating energy of the city, its eclectic mix of cultures, and the diverse range of musical genres all contributed to Skyler's creative development.

Skyler's desire to push the boundaries of electronic music led him to start designing his own instruments. Guided by his passion for innovation and his insatiable curiosity, he began experimenting with circuitry and physical design. His deep understanding of both music theory and technological principles allowed him to create instruments that were not only sonically rich but also visually striking.

Today, Skyler King continues to evolve as an artist, constantly pushing the boundaries of electronic music and continues to perform in and around the city to bring communities together through the passion for electronic music and all music alike. 

Skyler King's journey from a young music enthusiast to an instrument designer and electronic musician is a testament to the transformative power of passion and creativity. Inspired by his father's teachings and fueled by the dynamic energy of Los Angeles, Skyler continues to redefine the boundaries of music, reminding us all that art and technology can coexist harmoniously to create something truly extraordinary.