Buchla Easel Card
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The Prism Circuits Spore Easel Card is a game-changer for the Buchla Music Easel. Featuring a cycling envelope capable of audio-rate modulation and a built-in noise source, it elevates the Easel's sonic capabilities. This expansion not only enriches the internal features but also opens up a world of dynamic modulation possibilities, pushing the Buchla Music Easel to new heights in sound design and creative exploration.

Also onboard are a few CV parameters of the internal functions of the Easel. 

M-OSC SHAPE - CV Input - Modulation Oscillator wave select

M-OSC  MOD - CV Input - Modulation Destination switch

C-OSC WAVE - CV Input - Complex Oscillator Timbre select

C-OSC SHAPE - CV Input - CV over Complex Oscillator Wave knob

DECAY CV - CV Input - CV control over internal Envelope Generator Decay


This module also features a fully analog audio Noise Source, including White, Pink & Grain Noise. The Noise Source section also adds the noise sources as CV outputs to control other parameters of the Easel. The AUX Noise can be selected from 1 of the 3 onboard noise waves with the corresponding switch. Audio output can also be selected independently from the CV noise. 


Last but not least! The SPORE also features a secondary Random Voltage source that is independent from the Easel's internal source. 


The back of the unit features 8 color morphing LED's that adds a nice touch when performing in a low light environment. 


Power Consumption

+15V - 138mA (max)

-15V - 10mA (max)