Serge Modular Smooth & Stepped Generator


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The SMOOTH & STEPPED GENERATOR is a complete multi-functional module which can be patch-programmed to provide various slew and sample functions. The Smooth section will place a positive and negative slew on the input voltage transitions for lag effects, voltage controlled portamento, and for low frequency filter applications. With the Cycle jack patched to the input, the unit will oscillate yielding a voltage controlled triangle wave LFO. A high level into the Hold input will enable the Smooth function to be used as a track-and-hold circuit with voltage controlled slew rate. 

The Stepped Function can be used as a sample-and-hold with voltage controlled slew rate limiting. With the Cycle jack patched to the input and a pulse applied to the Sample input, complex staircase waveforms are generated for control voltage applications and for use as audio signals. 

The Coupler is an internal comparator which compares the output levels of the Smooth and the Stepped Generators. The output is useful for generating complex control voltages and for the production of random voltages. 



Smooth & Stepped Generator BOM

2 CA3080's can be purchased HERE

2 Bi-polar LED Drivers can be purchased HERE

LED Assembly x 2


Smooth section - Patch the CYCLE jack to the smooth sections input and monitor the output on your oscilloscope, you should have a perfect Triangle waveform if everything was built correctly. Now turn the Smooth slew know fully CW and adjust the SMOOTH trim pot until the frequency reads 100Hz. Smooth section is complete. 

Stepped section - With the Smooth Function patched to cycle, connect the CYCLE of the Smooth Function into the SAMPLE input of the Stepped Function. Patch a slow moving waveform into the Stepped input and patch the output of the Stepped section to an oscillators pitch. Set the Stepped sections knob fully CW and adjust the the Stepped trim pot until you are getting the full range of the incoming waveform being sent to the output. Stepped section is complete. 


 Power Consumption

+12V - 44mA

-12V - 48mA


Important Information

If the J201's are not available use MMBFJ201. Instructions on how to mount the SMT MMBFJ201 are below. 



*Inspired by Serge Modular Music Systems*