Serge Modular Positive Slew


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The POSITIVE SLEW is a classic paperface module that include 2 identical sections. It can be used as both a rising slew rate controller, or a upwards sloping ramp LFO by hooking the lower pulse out into the Start input. In this configuration it also operates as a utility oscillator, suitable for fixed key sequencing and general sound effects and noise making. It is not suitable for tracking 1V/Oct. 



Positive Slew BOM

Optional LED Driver x 2

LED Assembly x 2



This module does not require any extensive calibration other than setting the desired frequency range on the corresponding trim-pots. It's useful to set each section to a different frequency range to allow each slew to function in the faster range and one in the slower range. This is 100% up to the user on how they want their slews to respond. 400 Hz is the recommended highest frequency.



*Inspired by Serge Modular Music Systems*