Serge Modular Negative Slew


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The Paperface NEGATIVE SLEW in one of the unique multi-functional patch-programmable modules in the system. The module features two independent sections with wide range voltage controllable slew rates. The slew is active in the negative direction only and can be patched to perform a number of synthesizer functions. With the pulse output applied to the input, the module will regenerate for uses as a voltage controlled sawtooth oscillator or a pulse generator. An audio signal applied to the input will be envelope detected, and the complex envelope will be available at the output. If a pulse is applied to the input, the unit will function as an envelope generator with a fast rise time and a voltage controlled fall time. This module does not track 1V/Oct. 



Negative Slew BOM

LED Assembly x 2

The CA3086 can be found HERE. CA3046 can be used in place of the CA3086.


Calibration - This module does not require any extensive calibration other than setting the desired frequency range on the corresponding trim-pots. It's useful to set each section to a different frequency range to allow each slew to function in the faster range and one in the slower range. This is 100% up to the user on how they want their slews to respond. 200 Hz is the recommended highest frequency. 


BOM does not include the 2 CA3086 (Stock arriving soon)

*Inspired by Serge Modular Music Systems*